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Definitive Electrical are Brisbane’s go to team for providing intercom systems for residential, commercial or unit complex installations.

Using Aipone and HPM Legrand intercom products, you can expect a reliable communication system built to last. The products are easy to use and cater to a simple door answering service through to a state of the art, high tech, video entry security system.

If it’s a smaller, budget friendly option or luxury, multi-level home or apartment complex, we’ll have an intercom solution for you. Our innovative designed systems come in a variety of sizes and colours.

How it works

Intercom products include audio and visual versions, with hands free operation. Intercoms can trigger the gate from internal handset; opening doors, including garage doors, driveway or pedestrian gates – making them an ideal choice for the home or workplace.

The intercom and gate control can also be incorporated into the alarm system so both systems work simultaneously. You can expect clear audio and picture with convenient hands free operation.

For a customised intercom solution for your home, workplace or construction project, Definitive Electrical are Brisbane’s leading team of electricians. Our products and installations include a warranty and service guarantee, and we’ll provide a competitive quote using the best products available. We’ll also help you with the maintenance, replacing parts or modules if required.

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