Attn: Property Managers and Strata Managers. If You Feel That Booking An Electrician Should Be Easy…Read On…

With a service experience specially hand-crafted for Property Managers, Strata Managers & Real Estate Agents, we’ll make your next job booking a breeze. From the moment we receive your initial work order, we will clearly communicate every stage of your job booking with you through to completion.

Our Seven Promise Guarantee…

Promise #1 Paperwork in 48 hours, flat

You don’t like to keep projects open waiting weeks for paperwork and invoices. So our paperwork is in your hands within 48 hours.

Promise #2 We WON’T surprise you

Unless you or the tenant doesn’t share something that is important or a fact is wrong, then we’ll stick with every quote we give you. If we didn’t think of bringing something for the job, or quoted poorly, that’s our fault. We’ll cop it.

Promise #3 Prices locked for a year

We’ll guarantee price stability on hourly rates for 12 months at a time. No surprises mid-way. AND you’re not locked in.

Promise #4 We look after all your needs

We look after all electrical needs, switchboard upgrades, renovations, air-conditioning, antenna installations and repairs, appliance repairs and replacement, hot water system repairs and more.

Promise #5 We educate your tenants

We’ve developed a unique range of information sheets that help tenants understand the equipment and assets in the home you’re managing. This helps them understand their obligations and how they can safely do some tasks themselves. This reduces your management hassles.

Promise #6 We educate your people

We provide free sessions to our real estate clients on a big range of subjects, including common things electricians see that could have been prevented. We can also present, in your name, to investor/landlord groups, any time you wish.

Promise #7 We will make job bookings easy for you

If you’re like most property managers, you want an electrician you can rely and depend on, an electrician who makes your life easy by quickly and clearly communicating what needs to be done, when it can be done and that it can be done at a reasonable cost. He’ll be an electrician who keeps you updated every step of the way.

And when you find an electrician like that…you treat them like gold.

For complete peace of mind and friendly, reliable service…

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