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Air Conditioner Upgrade

Air conditioner upgrade

Top reasons you should consider an air conditioner upgrade In Australia, weather conditions can get either extremely hot or cold sometimes. Because of this, many homeowners find it hard to be comfortable while staying at home during harsh weather conditions. To find comfort in hotter climates, it is no secret that an air conditioner installation…

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4 Reasons To Choose Solar Energy

Solar panel

4 Reasons To Choose Solar Energy Are you tired of being frightened every time you receive a new electricity bill? Saving money on power bills is just one of the reasons to choose solar. Our team at Definitive Electrical Services specialise in the maintenance and installation of solar panels and systems across the Brisbane region…

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Smart Homes and Assisted Living for the elderly

Smart Home

What is Assisted Living? Basically, when seniors or elderly persons want to maintain their independence when living in their own home, assisted living makes this possible. Assisted living supports the independent living of the elderly by modifying any home into smart homes and assisted living homes to increase safety monitoring through home integration of vital…

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Top Electrical Upgrades for the Home

Electrical Upgrade

Are you looking to make electrical upgrades for your current home? Over the last few years, power regulations and requirements, and electrical safety codes have changed. Since many people don’t upgrade their electrical requirements while buying more and more modern electrical amenities, electrical malfunctions may result and cause fire, especially with homes with old electrical…

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Assisted Living and How Your Local Electrician Can Help

home modifications for assisted living

What is assisted living and in-home care? Assisted living allows the elderly to maintain their ‘independent living’ in their own home or an assisted living housing community as long as possible without compromising their safety. Assisted living homes can be one’s own home, boarding homes or congregating housing that has undergone home modification to assisted…

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How to Choose an Electrician

Qualified electrician

Depending on your project, electrical services can be a significant investment. That’s why it’s essential to know you are choosing a qualified electrician, and partnering with an electrical company that is professional, trustworthy, experienced, licensed, and therefore qualified. Here are our top tips on how to choose an electrician and what to look for to…

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Interested In A Professionally Designed and Installed Home Theatre System?

Home theater

So you’re ready to embrace the latest home theatre system? Just as we would carefully plan a commercial theatre design and installation, you can rely on Installation Services Queensland (ISQ) to meticulously design your home theatre to suit your lifestyle and budget. From our world-class technology to our smart automation solutions and professional installation services,…

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Assisted Living Modifications: How Our Technologies Can Help You Stay Independent For Longer

Smart Home

As we get older, or our physical needs change, it’s time to focus on preparing for the future. Maintaining a high quality of life, while allowing for in-home care or support services, is made easier with the latest assisted living solutions. Installation Services Queensland specialises in assisted living modifications and seniors home modifications, so you…

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