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Integration Services

Enjoy A More Integrated & Intelligent Home

As your local home automation specialists, Definitive Electrical Services offer a range of integration services to help you create a more intuitive, efficient and secure home. Our integration solutions include:

  • Integration Services

    • Home Automation
    • Communications
    • Security Alarm Systems
    • CCTV
    • Intercoms

Integration Services

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    Home Automation

    Simplify your daily life with our fully customised high-tech home automation solutions from Definitive Electrical Services.

    Enjoy an effortless home automation system tailored to suit your lifestyle.

    Learn how to streamline everyday tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

    Automate lighting, window shades, television, security systems, and more.

    Whether using a whole-home remote or an app, have full control of your home at the touch of a button.

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    Our team of fully qualified electricians specialises in superior communications solutions using the latest technology and high-quality products.

    Regardless of the size or complexity of your communications project, we can manage all your phone, data, and Wifi needs.

    Ensure fast and reliable internet speeds with Definitive Electrical Services.

    Optimise connection points and strategically place data points for seamless connectivity in your home or business.

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    Security Alarm Systems

    Enhance safety at home or work with cutting-edge security and alarm systems.

    Recommend the latest wireless, low-profile security systems for instant alerts and detailed incident information.

    Install Australian-manufactured Ness systems with an array of sensors and detectors.

    Optional extras include glass break sensors, keyfob remotes, and pet-aware detectors for comprehensive protection.

    Systems can be integrated to control appliances like lighting, blinds, irrigation systems, and more.

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    Secure your property with quality Hikvision CCTV solutions.

    Expertly manage the entire process, including supply, plan, design, and installation.

    Provide CCTV services for both home and workplace with reliable, user-friendly solutions.

    Seamlessly integrate CCTV with your intercom system for full security and access control.

    Experienced Brisbane electricians at Definitive Electrical Services can meet your CCTV requirements.

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    Trusted technicians at Definitive Electrical Services offer intercom solutions for homes, apartment complexes, and businesses.

    Provide a range of intercom options, from simple door answering to state-of-the-art video entry security systems.

    Feature reliable Aiphone and HPM Legrand intercom products built for durability.

    Offer audio and visual solutions with hands-free operation.

    Intercoms can be set up to open gates, garage doors, and doors through internal intercom handsets.

    Easy to use, effective, and competitively priced, making them a smart choice.

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